How to reach the top ?

North-East side by the laguna Gonguill 

  • Height at departure : 1100m

  • Height difference : 2000m

  • Level of ski required (optional) : 4.1/5

  • Duration : 7-8h

  • Risk in case of a fall : 2/4

  • Slope: Between 35 and 40 degrees

  • Haven : None

  • How to go up ? Drive the way up to the optimal departure point next to the laguna. Pave the way across the araucarias forest, keeping focus on the first important snow block standing in the end of the forest. After bypassing it from the right, turn left to reach the South-East side. Continue the ascension to the top, paying attention to the strong winds and snow falls.

Regular way by the ski station

  • Height at departure : 1500m

  • Height difference : 1625m

  • Level of ski required (optional) : 3.3/5

  • Duration : 6h30

  • Risk in case of a fall : 2/4

  • Slope: 35 degrees

  • Haven : None

  • How to go up ? Starting at the ski station, climb along the chairlift, then along the ski lift until get out of the ski center area at 1935m. The less adventurous might want to shorten their ascent using the chairlifts, while the bravest would just keep on walking. Then, arrive on a great plateau and head to the top, describing a arc of cercle on your left, while following the curves of the mountain.
    The final slope of this side of the volcano remains quite steep, but the beauty of the crater and the landscapes will make you forget all the efforts you made to get there.