336 Palguin, Pucón Chile
+56 452444246

Pucón is 25km far from Villlarrica, 109km from Temuco, and 789km from Santiago de Chile. 
You can go there :


        By Plane (January/February only)

Pucón has its own airport, 5km far from the city-center. There are several taxis and colectivos that come and go between the two of them. During high season, you can find direct flights to Santiago. Usually, flights go as far as Temuco (Aeropuerto Maquehue) located at 110km of Pucon. There are some inter-city connections to get to Pucon. 
tel : 5645-443965  


        By Bus

Frequent daily buses from the surrounding cities. Most of Santiago buses do the trip by night. There are also departures from Temuco every half an hour (and every quarter in high season).
TurBus : 5645-443328 /
JacBus : 5645-990880 /  


        En Tren

Departures every night between Santiago and Temuco. Several classes. Not very popular.  



        En Automóvil

Since the North of the country : Carretera Pnamericana, Carretera 5 Sur  
Since the South of the country : Ruta 5 Sur 
The total distance between Santiago and Pucon counts 789 km, which means a ten hour trip.


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